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2006 Regular time record: 6-1-9. 2007 record: 4-1-11


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He obviously did this on purpose. Regular time doesn't count which is the purpose of OT to decide the winner. A tie only occurs if the teams are still tied at THE END of OT. So we were 7-9 last year and 4-12 this year thats a difference of 3 games, stop trying to change things.

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The record is still 7-9 vs 4-12. The overtime win & loss do count. Don't distort the record to support an invalid point point. 3 more wins is still signficant particularly when you had a better roster outside of the QB position in 2007.

WR - Joe Horn, Emergence of Roddy, Laurent Robinson

DL - better at stopping the run, Abe Healthy all year

LB - Emergence of Boley

CB - + Chris Houston

OL - + Blaylock

The above addition could possibly add 2 more wins to the 2006 record. We would definately had beaten Carolina with the 2007 defense when Weinke was the QB and tey were converting 3rd and long by pulling Weinke and direct snapping it to the RB.

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