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Great North Draft reports admits mistake


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Early draft order update.... Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Rick D we are were probably incorrect in our earlier assessment of how the 3-4-5 picks at the 2008 will play out. In fact, it appears that Oakland will pick ahead of Kansas City as the next applicable tie-breaker for the two team is record against common opponents rather than conference record. Oakland has a 1-11 record against common opponents with the Chiefs and so would pick ahead of Kansas City. As a result, the Raiders will pick 3rd or 4th and Kansas City 4th or 5th. There is also plenty of confusion out there regarding where Atlanta fits in. The Atlanta Journal-Constitutuion for example has a story which has the Falcons picking third because they have a worse divisional record (1-5) than either Oakland (2-4) or Kansas City (2-4), however, our take is that divisional records only apply for teams in the same division and of course Atlanta isn't in the AFC West. Also, in response to several queries, any coin flips usually take place during the scouting combine in February however there is no set rule on that

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