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CBSSports says there will be a coin toss

harry hood

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Draft positions are determined by record, the team with the worst record during the regular season picks first and so on. If two teams have the same record, the strength of schedule tie-breaker is used which is the combined winning percentage of all teams on each team's schedule for the current season. If teams are still tied after strength of schedule has been applied, the division or conference tie breakers are used. If teams are still tied after applying all tiebreakers or if two teams are tied that are in different conferences, a coin toss after the season will determnined which team gets priority.


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WhenFalconsWin (12/30/2007)
bigduke633 (12/30/2007)
If this is true we will not know where we pick until spring I think.They dont do they toss for a longtime after the season.Anybody kow when?

It happened with us in 04' with Cleveland...it was fliped at the combine in February!

yep, flips are always at the combine.
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