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do we take mcfadden at 3

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with the third pick in the draft, mcfadden is who i want. i'm afraid someone will trade up to 1 or 2 to get him though. the best bet is to determine the 3 best players and put them in order greatest to least. here's my top three.

1-RB-darren mcfadden

2-QB-brian brohm

3-LT-jake long

4-DT-glen dorsey-i know he probably rates as 2nd overall, but he has a knee injury and we have rod coleman under contract. as far as our needs, and the fact that these are the top 4 prospects in my opinion. i just dont think it would be wise to take dorsey over any of the other 3.

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Jeffrey Olney (12/30/2007)
where do you get that busboy falcons are guaranteed 3rd pick no matter what so?

Well we thought so when we did the math and checked the tiebreaker rules

But when you get a little more detailed with the tiebreaker rules we interpret it as a coin flip because the division/conference record is irrelevant because 2 of the 3 teams are in the same division.

The stupidest rule I've ever heard if it's true

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