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Next Year

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Let's look at what we can do now that the season is over.....


What can we get for D'Hall? He has the most value. He is a great shut down corner, most of the time. Prime Time was the only real 21 for the birds....Ironic how the immaturity level was the same.

The Law can groom the DB's - JW24 is bust, 23 needs experience - go young in '08 and get another 23...3 yrs - they are studs.

I can't figure out the D-Line..the ends are alright - 55 is streaky(hurt often), give 98 some time (Hello M. Williams)...are they real legit?

We need a change here. 56 has been great, but his time has passed. 59 is the real deal..next year should be a breakout and....the deserved PRO BOWL.


QB - Donovan McNabb

RB - Get one..all respect to 28...We should keep him, but get a horse. Let's get two pounds up the middle and then finesse.

OL - Start here - Long from MI....no question. Use D Hall as bait if needed. It is all about the line....(see Tom Brady)

WR - 84 is real.....he could beat D'Hall....fill in around him.


Get a kicker...all respect to Mort, but come on.....we need a 50 yard guy

Upgrade the return guy.....the Rossum move was bad this year....go forward....


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