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Atlanta Falcons master plan for 2008-READ ARTHUR BLANK!!

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Hey guys-a lot of you may disagree, but here is my opinion of how to make a 2007 4-12 team into a 2008 championship team!! We had one thing before (other than a DECENT record) that we have lost-an exciting franchise player!! Guess what people-there is a guy in the coming draft that can bring SOME of that excitement back to the ATL-Darren Mcfadden!! No-he is not the savior of our franchise, but he will sell jerseys, t-shirts, fill seats, and make big plays!! We need to get him as our #1 pick NO MATTER WHAT!! Imagine Mcfadden and Norwood as a running back combo-remember Bush/McCalister and that Saints running attack. Dunn has never made big plays and his time is up!! When is the last time Dunn had a 30 plus yard run-when anybody remembers let me know!!We do not need to draft a quarterback high in the draft-we have four!! Work on building the o-line to protect the ones we have!! I see the starting QB lineup like this-Redman-#1, Harrington as his backup, Shockey as the #3 man. Get the **** rid of Byron Leftwich!! We really need a lot of help at key positions, but in my mind our secondary is where to start. Chris Crocker and Lawyer Milloy have been dissapointing. Just think-we had a shot at drafting LaRon Landry last year-look at what he has done for the Redskins!!This can be addressed in free agency. Work on the o-line and offense in general in the draft. Ok-here is my take on wide receiver-go out and get a #1 go to guy!! Roddy White will make a great #2 guy!!This brings me to head coach-either Mike Singletary or Jason Garrett are both great choices. Singletary will be able to relate to the players, and bring the best out of them. I think Garrett is an offensive genius and will make smart decisions. (Not a so-called offensive genius like the quitter Bobby Petrino!!) Bottom line-ATLANTA has to be aggressive in the offseason!!!!! Sign as many great free agents as possible and make smart draft picks!! We can only go up from here!!!! Take note Arthur Blank!!!!!!

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You know what makes tickets and merchandise go up? True fans buying them, boo hoo we lost Vick big deal other teams are Vickless and are selling out and buying jerseys. Another thing what has bush done??? Saints lost there only running back to IR and their season went down hill. Like Parcells said running backs are easy to come by with out an offensive front he would be useless. A good Oline makes a great running back. be sides we have a big play macker running back in Norwood we need a pile mover. Go Jake Long in first round and Chris Williams 2nd.

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