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This seasons Falcon MVP is....


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**21*Brooklyn Skull*21** (12/30/2007)
birdweiserrr (12/30/2007)
Having Hall as an option lowers the value of this thread.

Before talkin sh*t go to nfl.com and look up DeAngelo Hall's stats.....he had a good year.

Well if stats are all that matter, then Brooking should be on the list. Team leader yet again on tackles.
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toughd (12/30/2007)
Brooking shouldn't have even been the starter this year. He makes lots of tackles but there 8 yards back. He's slow and weak. He was great a long time ago, but not now.
Ok, he's making tackles 8 yards back as you say, but he still leads the team in tackles. What's that say about the rest of the defense if an old, slow, & weak, white man is getting more tackles than anyone else on the roster?
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