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Didnt realize how much I love 'em

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Anyone who thinks lying down for the Seahawks was the key to next season hasnt been paying attention. The guys didnt quit even after Petrino jumped ship. His leadership style may have had as much of an impact on the season as anything.The next coach & GM (whoever they are) may well have been watching that game & those guys were smart enough to know many of them were playing for their careers today. Those guys played like there was no tomorrow because there isnt. (Not this yr anyway) Anyone caught on tape taking plays off may not even make it to training camp this summer. That team will improve with time & depth and strong leadership from the players. Everyone wants a sexy showtime squad, but maybe the Falcons need leadership to develop a team like the Spurs- not flashy, but efficient and mentally tough. In a meaningless game to wrap up a wasted season- I was really proud of the effort!!!! Real Fans would be!

Adrian Peterson didnt solve all the problems in Minnesota, Reggie Bush & VY haven't stamped their teams as powerhouses for the next 10 yrs. Actually, the TEXANS' Mario Williams may turn out to be the best of the three. We still don't know precisely where the team sits with cap space. With all our needs, has anyone thought that it may be better to have more cash to spread around at different positions to build depth? How many millions would we save by dropping 3 or 4 places in the draft? We have no clue what offensive philosophy will drive this team next yr. so isnt it a bit premature to say that a win today makes the Draft a wash until we have an idea of the offensive system players will be plugged into?

By the way- Parcells was .500 his last 3yrs in Dallas & has no real track record as an executive. He's done very little without Bellichik running his defenses. He really could turn out to be as bad as Michael Jordan or Isaiah Thomas as a front office guy. Not getting into a bidding war with Miami for his services may be Mr. Blank's smartest move to date. The Dolphins owner has thrown good money after sexy names with bad results so far.

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