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And the new QB is.........

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stebowskiwowski (12/30/2007)
I know this may sound crazy, but Culpepper is a free agent this year. I don't know about ya'll but I'd take him. What do ya'll think about Culpepper in red and black?

I don't like it for a number of reasons: 1) He had a major knee injury/surgery - then ended this season when Oakland put him on IR for an injury to the same leg; and, 2) He only signed a one year deal with Oakland because he want's to be the starter and wants starter money from the next team he signs with.

Remember, Miami held on to him as long as they did because he led them to believe he had made a reasonable recovery from his knee surgery - turns out he was blowing smoke and was far from healthy. I understand the competitive nature in him may have had something to do with overstating how he was feeling, but many in Miami would tell you that what happened was far from overstatement.

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