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Do People Realize there is more than one draft pick?

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People keep saying "who cares if we can't get McFadden"

First of all, it's no McFadden, Long, or Dorsey.

Secondly, it's more than the 1st round we just hurt. It's the 2nd round, 3rd round, 4th round, etc.

Think of the value of those picks if we were in the top 3. **** we could have potentially had two first rounders with the potential trade of a 2nd round pick that high.

And sure maybe 6-7 is not a bad spot to pick, but we don't exactly have Bob Kraft folks.

Our front office is a joke, especially when it comes to building an offense. We needed them to have the easiest picks as possible. Now they have some very difficult decisions to make which they could easily screw up

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The Cush (12/30/2007)
Don't you realize that it's not where you pick, but who you pick when you pick?

You act as if there are only 5 good players that can contribute in the entire draft, and maybe only 5 at the top of every round. Tell me how good teams that pick in the 20's or 30's every year have good drafts?

Because those teams have vastly superior front offices.

Arthur Blank may be committed to winning. That's great. But he doesn't know the first thing about selecting players in a draft and neither has anyone he has put in charge of those operations.

Very few teams in the league amount to anything without at least one impact player from the top of the first round while they were rebuilding.

The Cowboys dynasty was built from the ground up, the Steelers dynasty was built from the ground up. The Niners dynasty was built from the ground up. The Pats are the exception not the rule

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