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Blank wouldn't give Parcells ownership.

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Posted by Mike Florio on December 30, 2007, 11:54 a.m.

The talk in league circles is that the thing that got the deal done between the Dolphins and new football poobah Bill Parcells was that owner Wayne Huizenga gave the Tuna a piece of ownership.

It s unclear whether it is real ownership or just a revenue interest tied to profits. Regardless, Huizenga was willing to do it, and Falcons owner Arthur Blank (as we hear it) wasn t.

In fact, we re told that Blank offered a bigger salary to Parcells, but that Parcells held out for ownership interest in the team.

One source tells us that Parcells is getting between $3 million and $4 million per year in wages from the Dolphins.

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Told the wife Parcells backed out because he wanted minority ownership of the Falcons and Blank said no.......I knew it :angry: what a piece of work.

With Parcells resume Blank could have obliged with a fifty cents on the dollar buyback if he opted out of his contract :D

We so dodged a bullet

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