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No it gone farther!

Is it not funny how everyone jumps on the bandwagon when a teams winning or breaking records. You know like when big mac or barry bonds were breaking homer run records! Years later they say oh you had an unfair advantage you cheated by using a substance that was not illegal at the time and everybody else was doing it too! Does it seem funny! The same thing is happening in football, but everybody knows they patriots were caught cheating during this same undefeated season. But nobody seems to care! They keep saying this is the best team ever! How can all these hypocrites stand bye these records and put them into that status, but deny others like barry or Mac. Cheating is cheating. I know some people that are going to say oh the did not have to cheat they would have won anyway! But really how is it different! Is our society so ignorant and mundane that we have turned into a mindless mob like that in ancient rome! so long as their happy let it continue. Later we will make a big fuss and put a big asterisk by it, so long as we make millions of dollars! Ha HA Ha!

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