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Am I The Only One that doesn't want the Season to End

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I know exactly what you mean - ever since i got hooked on this stupid game I spend too much time surfing for more information on what is going on in the league and with the falcons in particular...but when the season is over - I can't find anything new - it should be a rule that something interesting (and hopefully positive) should happen everyday in the offseason - just so i feel I haven't wasted my time :-D

We did not lose the season - we just ran out of weeks!

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Bloodhoundz Reborn (12/30/2007)
Even though this has been one of the worst seasons ever, man I'm going to miss Falcon football, I haven't seen a game since the Saints game on Monday Night. :crying:

R.I.P. SEASON :crying:

well time for the Offseason Hype up again, and the Mock drafts. i cant wait til the Draft. im glad the hawks are doing good, or the offseason would really suck.

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Blood----I'm kind of excited to see who Arthur talks to for the the HC and McKay's job starting tomorrow. Who knows, but the speculation will heat up and keep it real for a month.

Then there is free agency, cuts (probably happen quickly for some players), trades.

I know it sucks even when it is bad, but you have to let it go. This was an extra ultra extreme dookie year for the Falcons.

We will see you on the board.

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Just hang around here and the offseason will fly by. At least it seems to when we are in a coaching search and all (including the team) a little unstable. :)

It's only when we're pretty much on the mend and improving and looking rather set that the offseason seems to drag on.

Hang out here this offseason and speculate and conjecture and basically throw out all your own opinions as to what should be done with the Falcons until next season starts. That's what we all do.

Personally though, I don't really care that this season is ending. I'm actually relieved, and hoping/praying/trying to convince myself that it can't get any worse, and that there has to be something positive happening soon.

Just think, anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks from now, everyone will be taking sides again, elated or upset at the direction we take in a new HC and GM. So next the interesting part is going to be whether or not you're going to be upset until the nextreplacements are fired (in which case, how long of a miserable trek do you have to endure before the new HC/GM is replaced) or how happy you're going to be as we proceed.

Now that's exciting.



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