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If not DJ Shockley than who?

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As you can see by my avatar and my sig I am not a UGA homer but a very sensible man.

My one arguement with giving DJ Shockley a chance is that he is the cheapest most viable option we have.

Derek Anderson if not given the franchise tag by Cleveland he will demand top dollar.

Matt Ryan, Brain Brohm (Both 1st round QB's) Will command contracts on par with JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn.

Colt Brennen, Andre Woodson (Maybe 2nd or 3rd round QB's) Will probably not command as much money as the above three will but will ask for more than DJ Shockley or Chris Redman.

There are not any other QB's worth mentioning that we should or could go after.

If any sensible GM or Coach analyzes this team they will see that this offense is not set-up for a QB to succeed:

Poor offensive line play with no depth

Lack of a running game

No go to guy in the clutch moment to win the game

No offensive system that is proven in the NFL (Still using Petrino's college friendly offense)

IMO to solve our problems we need to stay away from expensive QB's and address other areas ie. offensive line, Running Back and a coach (Head or Coordinator) that brings an offensive identity to a team that does not have one.

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hawkeyes (12/30/2007)
I cant think of anyone else that should be the starter for Atlanta next year, unless we can get Tony Romo or Tom Brady or Eli Manning.
JUST SAY NO TO ELI MANNING he is a choke artist. have you watched any of the games he plays? they might have the lead early in the game but he panics and chokes every game in the 4th quarter. he is not a finisher he gives the game away.
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