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ESPN has us taking Matt Ryan with the 4th Pick

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I'm just waiting for one of these to be bumped with me ripping Matt Ryan. I wasn't a fan of the pick. :(

:lol: Ya'll know I wasn't either. Me and grendel were rocking the anti Ryan train. I waited three days after the draft before I posted again so that I didn't say a bunch of knee jerk stuff.

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I don't love these old threads being pulled up. Just in general, lots of people have valid points that turn out to be wrong.

I wasn't as anti-Ryan as some, but I was definitely against the pick. I always feel like INTs are overrated in college, so I didn't hold that against him that much, but the had something like 6 ypa in college, which is quite bad, and means the QB is throwing a lot of dumpoff passes. I was concerned that he'd be a dumpoff master like Harrington, never looking to throw past 10 yards, and never the long ball.

I'm glad to see that I was wrong, and he played way differently than I expected. I hope he keeps up his midseason form from last year going this year.

I also hope to see a touch more arm strength, so he can hit Roddy when he's open deep, and so the running lanes open up for Turner and Norwood.

It's safe to say his rookie year was WAY better than I would have guessed.

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Many of the experts absolutely love the guy. I believe Kirk Herbstreit would propose if he thought Matt would say YES. I heard Herbstreit on the radio one day going on and on about how great he thinks Ryan will be. I've seen this from some others as well.

I think it would be a good pick.

Gotta love BirdWeisErrr!

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