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What Middle Linebacker to you want


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1989fan (12/18/2007)
I like Teveras Gooden. He is very athletic and will be a fine pro MLB.

I also like J Leman. Very underrated IMO.

Leman is definitely underrated. Mendenhall, Juice, and Leman are the main reasons Illinois did so well this season. Leman is a great leader, has great instincts, and he can shed blocks better than I've seen in a while. He's not going to run as fast as Willis did, but he's a great middle linebacker. With Dorsey in front of him, he could potentially be a Pro Bowler.

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James Laurinaitis I think he might be a reach at where we are picking but if he is as good as lewis and Urlacher he is worth it our defense should be finished into a top unit it still needs work but its well on the way and James Laurinaitis would help a whole lot him and Boley would be sick, and if we hire Singletery (sp?) then i reckon we might just take him

I would also be pleased with Goff he seems to have some question marks but is a solid tackler and a great leader

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Tom Melton (12/18/2007)
me too. im surprised he hasnt been mentioned yet, but i really like him also.

if we dont get him, moffit is a possibility, but i also like leman (especially in the 5th or 6th round).

I think Leman is gone in the 4th. He may slip to the 5th, but I wouldn't count on it. He will be a good pick up for someone... definitely worth a 4th round pick.

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