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Another Tech recruit decommits. Jackson bails on Tech for Bama..


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Jackson bails on Tech for Bama

Henry Co. WR says Gailey firing caused change of plans


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 12/18/07

Henry County wide receiver Chris Jackson, who was the first member of the 2008 recruiting class to commit to Georgia Tech last spring, announced Tuesday morning that he will instead attend Alabama.

Jackson said that the firing of coach Chan Gailey and pending instability with the coaching staff caused him to change his mind.

Jackson's relationship with Geoff Collins, the former Georgia Tech director of football operations who joined Alabama's staff last summer, and Tech's expected change in offensive philosophy under new coach Paul Johnson contributed to his decision.

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slamee101 (12/18/2007)
Can't say I blame a receiver for not wanting to play under a Paul Johnson offense. He's a good coach but he does focus on the run if I'm not mistaken.

Paul Johnson is going to have to show recruits that his system will take advantage of the passing game enough for them to want to go to GT. Right now everyone just knows how he ran it at navy. There could have been a reason he did that due to who he could recruit (he actually said that himself), but the proof is in the pudding for recruits. He will lose a few more recruits and miss out on a few others for the first year, but if his offense shows that yes a wide receiver can get the ball then he will be able to use that in recruiting. One thing they will do very well with dual threat qbs and rbs.

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