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My wife laughs at me cause I live and die for the Falcon's


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FalconFan1 (12/18/2007)
My wife cheers and jeers the Falcons every sunday but when I scream and yell and constantly throw things-she laughs at me and put's my team down. Is there a Falcons support group out there?

Your not alone man, my wife always tells me if I decide to support another team she won't tell anybody. I know how you feel.

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She should die for laughing at you.

Don't you hear it? Even now?

She's probably mocking you to her friends and they are all Saints fans. Are you going to let her get away with that?

I mean are you a man or are you her bytche?

If she laughs at you because of this what else does she laugh about when you're not around?

Aren't you tired of being laughed at? Shouldn't the all just shut up?!

Isn't it time that they paid for making a mockery of you?

Make them all pay.

Not just your wife, but the neighbors, the bag boy at the grocery store, the mailman, that guy on the infomercial trying to sell you stuff that will only make people laugh harder at you!!!!


Let them know you are no longer their laughing boy ........... :w00t:

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