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Hey I have just started my own player sim league and I am looking for active members to join it. In this league you create your own unique player who gets put into Madden NFL 05 (best for simming purposes) and plays on a team that has been created and is run by one of the general managers of the league. You then create graphics and write articles about the league and such and you get graded on them and recieve a point total based on how well done the task is. You then use those points on your player and add them to his attributes that get inputted into the madden game and simmed. It is a really fun thing and it is pretty addicting. I would really like for some active members to help me start it all up and that sort of thing. Please join.


If you have any questions or anything you can email me at randon007@gmail.com or hit me up on AIM at NBAchampspurs21.

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