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All of you wanting Marty, dont worry aint gonna happen.


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Folks, its like this. Marty is old school NFL and he has friends that are the same as him. ie. Dan Reeves. Trust me, Dan talks to all his old buddies, Cowher, Parcells, Schottenheimer, etc. He has told them how pathetic it is working with a meddling owner like Arthur Blank.

This didnt just happen last week, it happened 4 years ago. This franchise is the laughing stock of the league not only because of its recent performance but because of the reputation that Arthur has. You think Reeves didnt get tipped off 4 years ago that Arthur was making the change and he called him on it. Blank got tripped up by Dan the same way Petrino tripped him up last week. He thinks he smart because of what Home Depot was doing 15 years ago. Truth is, Bernie Marcus was the man at Home Depot, Blank rode his coattails and went hitting on cashiers.

Serves him right, a complete disgrace to the game and to the City. Sell it Arthur or move it to LA. The long time fans and season ticket holders (before your purchase) deserve better. You are a tired act and are no better than the Smith Family.

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