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How Would You Rate Our 2007 Draft Class?


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Instead of focusing on just Anderson how would you rate all of the rookies?

1 8 (8) Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas

2 7 (39) Justin Blalock G Texas

2 9 (41) Chris Houston CB Arkansas

3 11 (75) Laurent Robinson WR Illinois State

4 10 (109) Stephen Nicholas OLB South Florida

4* 34 (133) Martrez Milner TE Georgia

6 11 (185) Trey Lewis DT Washburn University

6 20 (194) David Irons CB Auburn

6 24 (198) Doug Datish C Ohio State

6 29 (203) Daren Stone S Maine

7* 34 (244) Jason Snelling FB Virginia

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So lets rate our 2005 draft then...

Roddy - blossomed this season...doin his thing now

Babineaux - big dissapointment to me

Beck - GONE

Davis - adequate depth at best, was a reach

Boley - ballin

Omiyale - GONE

Cobb - GONE

Shropshire - GONE

...so Roddy and Boley, with Davis being an OK backup and Babineaux getting owned every game.


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