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This has been a Really Bad Season...


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But, I will be Back because when the Braves went from worst to first and became a dynasty, I was not a Johnny come lately. When the Falcons made it to the Superbowl I was not a Johnny come lately.

I was there when Leeman Bennett led the team to its first NFC West title and a then-team record 12 wins. During his first season in Georgia, Bennett's defense became known as the "Grits Blitz" for its ferocious style and allowing just 129 points, a record for a 14-game season. The overall improvement of the team became evident the following year, when the Falcons defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Wild Card game, then put up a strong fight against the defending Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys.

I was there when Billy White Shoes Johnson's catch beat the Niners.

I was there waving to my Birds as their bus departed on their way to Miami.

I was there when my son (now 21) said "you watch those sorry Falcons evey week."

I was their when my Birds beat Greenbay in the Playoffs in Greenbay;l they made history.

I will be there when we are back.

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