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GETTING PERSONAL WITH ... The Lions' true Blue Bulldog..


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GETTING PERSONAL WITH ... The Lions' true Blue Bulldog

Lions safety Greg Blue had about two months of down time between Sept. 1, when Minnesota cut him, and Nov. 19, when the Lions signed him. Blue debuted against Dallas and made six tackles, stopping Marion Barber two straight times inside the 10-yard line.

You played at Georgia with Lions tackle George Foster, who called you a "trained killer." What did he mean by that? When I first came right out, I was little bit of a wild animal. I was just hitting everybody.

Speaking of Georgia, did the Bulldogs get cheated out of the BCS title game? Oh, man, they got cheated. Georgia, we're the best team in the nation right now. We're supposed to be in that championship. LSU, they had their chance 100 million times, but that's what "SportsCenter" wanted. They wanted LSU to be in there, so they're in there.

So are you guys going to prove it to the world against Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl? Oh, yeah. We'll beat them -- easily.

How good did it feel to stand up Marion Barber near the goal line? It felt good just to finally get a hit. I haven't tackled somebody since preseason, so that was the thing about it, just getting on the field. I felt good about just touching the grass.

So what did you do between September and November when you weren't on a team? I was at my school at Athens (Ga.), just hanging out, just chilling. I worked out some. ... So I was chilling, get up in the morning, get a run in, and I've got the whole day off. So that's the hard thing about it: You've got the whole day off and nothing to do, so (you) sleep in till about 2 or 3.

Do have any undisclosed hobbies we should know about? I like bowling. I just started learning this summer how to bowl, so I probably go about twice or three times a week and get a couple games in.

Do you have any nicknames from college or around the Lions? Everybody calls me Blue.

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