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McKay should step-down after the season. Blank needs a huge firesale.


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Blank is a smart buisnessman, he never would have let anyone at Home Depot mismanage the company the way McKay has done to the Falcons since 05. Is Blank Perfect.....NO !!!! He trusted Mike Vick which turned out to be a horrible mistake, he trusted Jim Mora Jr which was another mistake and worst of all he trusted Bobby Petrino, a classless man who was known to openly flirt with other jobs while on Contract and somebody with poor commuication skills and no ability to coach at the NFL level.

Blank evenstill has paid the heaviest price for the trust he put in one man: Rich McKay. Blank sought him out and openly brought him to Atlanta on the heels of him attempting to disrupt and bring down the Tampa Bay Organization, What McKay was doing to Tampa Bay got done to Atlanta instead, he has totally destoryed this Roster and the Falcon Talent base. It just dried up under Mckay like a Autumn leaf that did not get a lot of minerals during the Summer.

The Falcons now find themselves with a ageing talentless Roster that lacks talent at most every postion inculding the most important QB, When Morten Anderson decides to retire for good, the Falcons will also be devoid of a kicker and have had no ability to kick long field goals this season because Morts range is not what it once was. That can be placed directly at the heels of McKay, Also their was no depth on the Offensive line which resulted in Chaos once a couple of injuries occured, The Draft Picks brought in failed to produce, and the disconnect between the Players and the new Coaching staff could not have been more clear.

This Team quit on this Coaching staff at Mid-Season, and that was more then Petrino's fault, that was Mckays for hiring Petrino in the 1st place and spouting all of that garbage about him being the savior of Mike Vick, The only person that could have saved Vick was Vick himself. And he choose to lie and lie somemore and crash in a ball of flames because of his lies. Mckay should have NO imput on this next coaching hire whatsoever.

Just as this team has lost all confidence and no longer plays with any effort, so Blank needs to lose his confidence in Mckay, and show him the door even if it means that Blank runs the Personnel department himself... It does not take a football genuis to see what Mckay has done to the Falcons. This is a horrible story that will get only worse still if Mckay does not resign after this LOST season.

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