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What feature will these boards lose next?

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pencilpusher (12/16/2007)
Okay, I meant animateD avatars. But to add insult to injury, when I try to edit my post for correct spelling, the board tries to make me sign in, even though I obviously already am signed in. Double good grief.

I've had the same problem. Lots of gremlins on the new boards.

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Headshot (12/17/2007)
I want the old boards back.

All that was needed was sigs to be turned back on, the search feature turned back on, and more bandwidth added. Apparently this was the most challenging and difficult thing for the people who ran the boards to do.

I fully expect the sigs to be turned off and the search feature " broken" in the near future.

It was so easy on the old boards for the chumps to complain about sigs than it was for them to go to their own settings and turn sigs off, but Noooooooo, they had to turn everyones sigs off. and the search feature was disabled as well. It was never broken.

These boards will soon enough be the old boards with a ton of new bugs.

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