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Kenny Moore WR Wake Forest

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Well it depends on where we select him. Is he there to play PR of KR, or there to be a 4th or fifth stringer? I dont think this is a could pick, I really think the Falcons organization is looking into bringing in an established and young WR by the name of Bryant Johnson to the Falcons. He was the 13th overall pick a couple of years back and hes overshadowed because he plays behind two studs are WR (Boldin and Fitzgerald). Hes grabbed 30+ catches in every season and has had atleast one TD in each season. He could be our second or third string Check this WR corps out

1. Roddy White

2. Bryant Johnson/Laurent Robinson (I really like Robinson)

3. Laurent Robinson/Bryant Johnson (wherever the coaches feel better about him)

4. Michael Jenkins---Im not saying Jenkins is bad in his 3rd string role this year, its just that I think we can get more production from someone else in his position.

5. Adam Jennings

Our WR corps would be amazing. Teams would need 2 good CBs and two decent nickel CBs. Our offence would be really spread out, sort of like the Lions offence, and there would almost always be somewhere to throw the ball.:)

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