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Opnions Wanted.

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I've gone through enough pain and have gained enough insight to see that we are essentially an expansion team, but worse. Expansion teams don't have cap issues and bad histories. We are under the bottom of the barrell, and this team, possibly, could have a price tag on it now. I don't see any way out of the darkness right now.

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dirtybirdsdance (12/16/2007)
i think 99% our our Fans take after Petrino alot...

On Second thought, Petrino was'nt this bad...

No everyone can be a fan's fan like you. Many tend to want to complain when the team is closing in on one of the most dissapointing seasons in team history and just got dominated by their division rival. It also does not mean that they are any less of a fan than you with the exception of your inflated opinion of your own self made fan rules and regulations.

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