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This is painful

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goldenfalcon (12/16/2007)
Okay Bucs fan go ahead and enjoy your moment...just know that its our time. All of these years of losing seasons, when its our time, I see a dynasty....We should win out for 10 years straight if karma is true lol.

Don't count on it guys. As long as you have a guy named Rich McKay as your GM.....

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WhenFalconsWin (12/16/2007)
ucityfalcon (12/16/2007)
I don't remember this team being this bad. I just want this season to hurry up and end so us Falcons Fans can lick our wounds....AGAIN.

Obviously you don't Remember Marion Campbell's two regimes...this team has been worse, but it is god awful bad now...Maybe emmit will coach them up in the 2nd half!:w00t:

59-0 against the Rams late in 1976. We played them in the 1977 opener and beat them.

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fan since 1968 (12/16/2007)
ucityfalcon (12/16/2007)
donny (12/16/2007)

I hope you get pancreatic cancer and die next week...and I really mean it.

Junior may be annoying but I wouldn't wish that on anyone. After all, it's just a game.

Well, Junior needs to man up. We've had an over-the-top amount of s&^$ to deal with this season!!

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consistentfalcon (12/16/2007)
I've learned to just smile through the rough times.


for the number of years the falcons have been like this it should be expected by all that follows the team.no reason to get upset or emotionial its not like they have changed there trend:w00t::w00t::w00t:

Right i get more upset when we are contenders and lose games we should win. When its a blow out like this, I just turn on the benny hill show music and watch the game in HDTV LMAO...

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nassaubuc (12/16/2007)
You are a disgrace to Bucs fans everywhere.

Keep yer heads up Falcons fans. This has been an amazingly bad year. At least you guys aren't as bad as the Dolphins. Blank should get rid of McKay, and bring in Cowher to run his own show.

Thanks for the kind words, and congratulations on your season. At least we can get some cheap laughs from the smack talk element.

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