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Will Dunn/Brooking 'lithmus test' will be required by Blank to be hired as coach?


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As the Falcons begin their search for their next coach-- the third in as many years--will Mr. Blank require a lithmus test in choosing the new coach?

In regards to Bobby Petrino, he could have survived the loss of Michael Vick, but when Blank/McKay forced Petrino to play Warrick Dunn, it was only a matter of time before Petrino rebelled. Petrino's trademark has always been the power running game and even the five million dollars a year offered couldn't buy his silence.

Dunn is seen as 'royalty' in the eyes of Arthur Blank along with Keith Brooking. However, as both of these declining players approach their mid 30's, at which point when the Falcons will proverbially pull the plug?

The leading candidate Mike Singletary is principled, disciplined coach and Hall of Fame player is glad to have an opportunity to coach a time and may be more willing to overlook certain quirks in Arthur Blank or Rich McKay's personality. However, Singletary is going to want to implement his style of play and would like to have an influence on personnel matters if this relationship is going to endure more than 13 regular season games.

Mr. Blank is the owner and has the right to do whatever he pleases, but cavalier attitude has hit a brick wall. His star has dimmed and his impulsive, not well-thought out decisions have finally started to catch up with him.

There is nothing wrong with having standards, but there is a point in which you have to trust the coaching staff and let them do their jobs.

Blank is on the verge of losing it all if he doesn't learn how to let go of certain things. he can still stalk the sidelines at gametime, but if he tells another coach you must play Dunn and Brooking, then he is repeating history once again..

For Warrick Dunn and Keith Brooking, the handwriting is definitely on the wall. It is time for them to move on (retire, accept a lesser role or go to another team). Singletary strikes me as someone who won't mince words. And Mr. Blank and Mr. McKay need to find a legitimate middle ground if they truly want this Falcons team to fulfill its potential.

However, playing 'favorites' and trying to handcuff another new coach is getting old and its time for this managment duo to come up with something new.

No more lithmus tests.

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Petrino wanted control of his offensive personnel (at the very least), especially his starting RBs. Despite Vick not being here, the running game was something he needed to have control of and he didn't..

If Parcells or Marty become coach, the first thing they would do is demote Dunn.. This is something Blank has to deal with if he wants to get a good coach in here..Dunn's best years are behind him, and so is Brooking.

Winning is more important than pleasing Dunn and Brooking, and its obvious these two don't have the same affect on a team that Vick once did.. and they sure don't bring people to the Dome either..

If Singletary says, "I would like to go in a different direction--personnel wise at RB and MLB"..then Mr. Blank should give Dunn a hint to either retire or we can quietly trade you..

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Choices under Singletary via Blank/McKay for Dunn and Brooking..

1. Brooking can retire gracefully and become part of the Falcons' broadcast team and do part-time work on 790 AM and be a sideline reporter for Ga. tech football

2. Brooking could become a position coach for the Falcons (defensive assistant) Building up his resume for a coaching job within five years.

3. Dunn can retire.

4. Dunn can work for the NFL Retired Players Association and be an advocate for older players getting bigger pensions.

5. Dunn could become a mega agent and help college kids transition to professional sports..

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