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Sorry Fellas- It's Cowher (too angry to recognize I mis-spelled the coach's name)

Robert Miller

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Yep..I heard that earlier..this is what Mort said earlier today...this is pretty much verbatim as to exactly what he said...

"The Falcons owner Authur Blank said hes not going to pursue ligations again Bobby Petrino, saying that it is time to move on, and move on the falcons did. Making direct contact with Bill Cowher the former Steelers coach, who told them privately what he has said publicly. Hes not coaching in 2008 hes sticking with his plans of a 2 year sabbatical before he'll consider a reentry into the league. Bill Pacells is also adamant that he is not coaching again. Steve Marriuci (sp?) name has been discussed. And Marty Shot could only be enticed for an ideal situation. Falcons GM and President Rich Mckay is willing to surrender his personnel control something he offered when he tried to get Jimmy Johnson to coach the Buccaneers. The Bucs ended up hiring a coach with no prior coaching experience Tony Dungy...worked out okay. That brings the falcons to NFL assistants like Mike Singletary of the 49ers Jim Caldwell of the Colts and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett of the Cowboys."

sooo...looks like Singletary!! hopefully

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