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How do we build a good team?


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A. Good Offensiveline.

B. Good Coaches.

C. Good Runbacks.

D. Good Quarterback.

E. Good Defensiveline.

F. Corners and Saftey.

G. A Quarterback with no line like now.

H. A quarterback like vick that runs around in circle, but never won anything because he lacked the mental ablity to read a defense.

I. A bunch of cry baby palyers like now who blame everyone, but themselves for being losers!

J. A-F

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i think we have good coaches, and i do not want to lose him. ZIMMER FOR HC. remember against Jags. we had abe play one on one with thier RB, and he stopped a 3rd down from being converted. THATS GENIUS we need that at HC.

roddy and jenkins are having career years, and roddy is about to be our 1st wide with over 1000yrds in almost a decade.


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Simplistic answer is:

Hire an experienced coach.

Draft wisely and obtain free agents: fill in the obvious gaps that so many of us have discussed throughout these threads.

Trade away the whiners/locker room cancers and obtain additional draft picks.

Hope that injured players can come back from their respective injuries and make a difference next season. Except for Leftwich: he can take his ankles and go.


We could do it the fast way and swap uniforms with the Patriots, Colts, Packers or Cowboys.

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From the inside out. We have given several 2 and 3 string guys OL duties the last several years. It is time to spend some money on the line and get Quality players there. We have a few guys that are really good. We drafted a couple this past offseason that shall develop I am sure, but we need to keep drafting well and also not neglect the DL either.

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