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About hiring a new coach...


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I am a huge fane of the Ryans, Singletary, Kiffin(well I respect him), etc. But there is a reason that we must hire an offensive minded HC:

Good OCs are hired away as soon as they become successful. There is an article on the Brown's OC being a candidate here. He has been in Cleveland 1 year!!! They will be in a rough spot with a Defensive minded HC and looking at possibly taking a step backwards with a new OC who didn't design their current successful system.

We don't want to be in that boat. Teams today need a competitive advantage that comes from offensive design, game planning, and playcalling. Anyone that gives us that as an OC will be hired away, leaving us back where we started. For whatever reason, teams can keep great defensive coordinators on their staffs. I love Zimmer as a DC, and hope that either through pay, or by naming him assistant HC, or both, that we can retain him next year.

Lets get someone in here as HC who can maintain a successful offensive scheme without being dependant on their OC.

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