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This is what drive me absolutely crazy!!!!!


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OK we are a week after the Petrino disappearing act and here is where we are. Arthur Blank comes on tv and basically tells us what everyone from the paperboy (or paper-person) to the top CEO's in Atlanta already know---- we have a problem!! We hear it on the radio, watch that little weasel Petrino calling the hogs, the whole bit.

Now Arthur, what is happening with our coaching search? What are your plans? We never hear from Rich McKay you illustrious hand picked invisible GM. We don't hear anything. You cannot mention names until the NFL season is over, we all know that. But for God's sake, tell us something. You are a pro at looking sadly into a camera and telling us about problems, BUT TELL US ABOUT SOLUTIONS ARTHUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is why you supposedly own a team but you and your little friend McKay do nothing to pump up the fans. Yes, I said pump up the fans. It can be done. Read Mark Bradley in today's AJC. Arthur Blank the luster has worn off, its time for results. Stay off of the sidelines unless you want to coach. I own a business and nobody sits behind my desk except me. Problems in my business are mine to solve because this is what I do. Delegate autjhority. Like Mark Bradley wrote, let the decision on players be made by the new coach and do somthing else with McKay (like fire him).

I own Club Level seats. I spend a lot of money for them. All I expect is improvement. I did not get any improvement this season. I got the usual from this organization. I never thought about when the Smiths owned the team until now. They were terrible, but is this any better?

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