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I don't claim to be able to read people's mind, but after all of these

years, I think I can read people pretty well.

I think Arkansas wanted a coach now to secure their 2008 recruiting class,

and Bobby Petrino realized that he was in way in over his head

at this level so to secure the job, so he re-signed and quickly left town.

He is obviously a poor communicator, who doesn't like to convey bad news

to people, so he either will just not say anything or just lie about it.

The line of baloney that he and his agent put out about our owner meddling in

football affairs is a lame excuse. Of course Mr. Blank takes a big interest in the

success of his team and I hope he does.

I think when a coach wants to control everything, it ultimately leads to disaster.

I liked Coach Reeves on the field, but his controlling personnel decisions conflicted

with his role as Football Coach. I remember when he was shopping Jamal Anderson

to other teams in a trade, it created big time mistrust in the locke room. Control

didn't work for Holmgren originally either.

With a new coach, I want someone who is willing to treat these guys like grown

men without the silly rules, but keeps high expectations for himself and players.

Whoever becomes the new head coach should be someone who understands

the mindset of a professional player, understands the pro game, can command

the respect of his locker room, makes sure the team is always prepared, but able

to adapt when necessary and is extremely competitive.

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Nice Post! The NFL is a different world from college. How would many people react to a boss like Petrino if he was at your everyday job as your boss? Probably not too well. Petrino was not a leader, he was an autocrat. However, there is a positive outcome from this. Petrino is gone! Maybe we will now find a coach who possess the traits you listed.

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