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its been a while


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ok, this is kinda long and i think i rambled a little during this but there is a point.

Ok...here I go. I know were all pissed about this whole situation and wish we could hit the reset button and start the season over. Everything that could go wrong went wrong and it sucks. But seriously, why does everyone on this board have to be so negative? I visit this board every day and read about whats going on and all I hear about is how far away we are from being competitive again. Its always talk about which players suck, who should be traded, what coaches we're never gonna get and its getting tiring. Dont just say what everyone else is saying. think of some new material so people can read something they haven't already read 100 times. say something inspirational. but heres my opinion on this whole situation. Think about all the comments and news we've been hearing from the players about Petrino. We all know he was a bad coach, we know he called bad plays(stuff they barely even practiced), he had no relationship with the players and they didn't buy into his system from the beginning. With that in mind we honestly shouldn't have won any of our games. We should be the worst team in the NFL. But were not because contrary to popular belief we actually have talented players on this team. We have young players. We have hungry players who want to win and thats why we were able to do whatever damage we did this season. Im hoping they come out this weekend and put a hurtin on the bucs as a big F U to Petrino and the rest of the people who gave up on them. All we need is to win 1 more because as much of a bad job this may seem to be a coach of think about this. if after all the stuff that has happened to this team, if they can come out and pull an upset its gonna send a msg to everyone saying they are better than everyone thought. Take a bunch of players who want to win, and would have proved it, mix that with an owner who wants to win and add the fact that no matter what you did, as long as you tried to win you would probably have a better season than we did this year and would be looked at as the coach who came to the destroyed franchise and saved it and it actually becomes a promising job. you can also add the nice draft position to that list. Now as far as who should stay and who should go, quite honestly i think it is time for a nice little mix up of players. I don't care who stays and who goes as long as they wanna win and play for this team ill cheer for em. If it were up to me i would go to each one of em and ask if they wanted to be on the team. they say no, trade em away, don't care who they are. if they wanna stay, have a new contract for em and lock em in for a couple of years because its those players who are gonna be the leaders and the heart and soul of the team while it rebuilds itself from nothing. Now as far as fan support i'm a little disappointed. I live in NY so i cant come to the games but its something i wish i had the ability to do. You guys have that privilege and you don't take advantage of it. the closest i get to you fans is at a bar listening to a bunch of giants fans rip on me because everyone at that bar knows who i'm cheering for. I really wish I could be there but I cant so I need you guys to be there for me. I grew up a falcons fan living in NY(don't ask how it happened) and i been there through it all and i'm proud of that fact because its the true fans who when all is said and done and we finally do win the big game who will be shedding the biggest tear. I can't wait for that day and every season we lose just makes that day better and better. So no it isn't a wasted season, its just more fuel for the fire that will be lit when we finally reach the promised land.

If you actually read this whole thing thank you, i hope it made sense.


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