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Frontlines- Fuel of War Open Beta

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Two new maps to play on!

Use your old free Gamespy login account from many games to get free Key. (BF2,BF2142,ETQW, etcfor example)

FFOW -set for release in Feb. 2008!

New FFOW HD trailers-

Combat Tutorial


Vehicle Breakdown Trailer HD


Infantry Tactics HD


Drones Trailer HD


Vehicular Onslaught Trailer HD


The Road to War HD- (FFOW )


More trailers can be found here...



Other download links-


What is this?, a guy ask in the last thread,

Beta-Testing the lastest games for free,

reporting BUG, Glitches, Hardware problems,etc., so the game releases in FEB. 2008, without them!

For example,

I beta teasted Crysis and ET-QW months before they released to the Public!

ET-QW changed the Game totally from our beta responses and made it one Kickin game.


we told them the Problems months back and they have yet to fix any of them,

or release a patch, but they are from Germany/EA, so they might needed that time to translate, a patch for Crysis is scheduled for next week though! We will see!

Kaos Studios- FFOW - New York,US

Kaos members created the Mod for BF1942 called Desert Combat-Modern Day MOD, which sold so many game for Dice's BF1942, they hired the Crew to help make BF2, then after that EA bought DICE, and the KAOS members where ask to move to CALI, or overseas, they said no thanks and create their own THQ Studio!

IMO, they were the one responsible for the big Jump in gamplay from BF-Vietnam to BF2!

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