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Whoever gets the job will only be as good as the supporting cast around them. That is one of the reasons I was excited about BP. It wasn't BP as much as Hue Jackson and Zimmer.

Cowher, Parcells, Shotenhiemer, and even Reeves were allowed to stay around at their jobs so long because they never placed their loyalty for assistants over the team's wellfare and winning. Unlike Mora who wouldn't part ways with Knapp.

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Tandy Gossett (12/14/2007)
How about Singletary HC ... Garrett OC ??? Cake and eat it too ...

Not possible. Garrett moving from OC of the Cowboys to be the OC of the Falcons is a unilateral move that is not allowed by the NFL and even if it was, that would be ******** on Garrett's part. He has to be hired as the HC or not at all.

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