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Petrino's contract much larger than Richt's deal...


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Petrino's contract much larger than Richt's deal

New Arkansas head man will earn more than several BCS-bowl coaches


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 12/14/07

Even with a pay cut of nearly $2 million a year, Bobby Petrino will make more at Arkansas than all but a few of the 10 coaches who'll lead their teams in BCS bowls next month - including Georgia's Mark Richt.

Petrino's new five-year deal is worth $14.25 million over five years, according to an employment agreement contract dated Tuesday and released to the Journal-Constitution.

That's $2.85 million a year - more than national championship game-bound Jim Tressel's contract calls for him to make at Ohio State, more than Orange Bowl-bound Frank Beamer gets at Virginia Tech, and significantly more than Richt, who last year signed a deal that pays him about $2 million annually.

Might be time for someone to ask for a raise.

Here's a quick look at how the former Falcons coach's deal compares to Richt's:


Petrino: His overall compensation package is worth $2.85 million a year - $1.95 million of it coming from the Razorback Foundation and the other $750,000 coming from the university. An additional $150,000 a year will be set aside as an incentive for the coach known for his wanderlust to decline "other collegiate and professional coaching opportunities that may arise."

Richt: Under the terms of the contract he agreed to on Jan. 1, 2006, Richt receives an annual gross salary of "no less than" $270,000. He also gets $800,000 ("radio and television services") and "no less than" $100,000 (football camp) and $530,000 ("equipment endorsement efforts"). If he stays at UGA for the life of the eight-year contract, Richt will receive a longevity bonus of $2.4 million, which amounts to $300,000 a year. Factor that into Richt's annual compensation package, and it comes to $2 million.


Petrino: "Furnished with the personal use of two loaned automobiles of a quality - in terms of make and model - which are similar to the types of vehicles loaned to other head coaches and, if possible, are acceptable to your reasonable requests."

Richt: Gets the keys to two cars of the athletic association's choosing - plus insurance up to $3,000 a year. Richt is responsible for "gasoline, oil, maintenance and any other expenses incurred in operating the cars."


Petrino: Arkansas will pay for his membership at Fayetteville Country Club - "including any initial membership fees and annual dues."

Richt: There's nothing in Richt's contract related to free golf, other than to say if he receives a free country club membership he must get approval from his bosses.


Richt: Eligible to receive "a maximum of" $3,600 worth of shoes, apparel or equipment made by Nike, the official outfitter of the Bulldogs.

Petrino: There's nothing in Petrino's deal about free gear.


Petrino: Gets his own 12-seat skybox at Razorback Stadium, plus another 12-seater at Little Rock's War Memorial Stadium. Additionally, Petrino will receive 20 complimentary tickets for each home game the Razorbacks play in both Fayetteville and Little Rock.

Richt: There's no mention of free tickets in Richt's contract.


Petrino: If he wins even a share of the SEC West title and leads the Razorbacks to the league championship in Atlanta, Petrino picks up an extra $100,000. Separately, Petrino is eligible to receive $50,000 (division title) or $75,000 (championship).

Richt: He earns $75,000 if the Bulldogs win the SEC, $25,000 if the Bulldogs win the SEC East but not the overall conference title.


Petrino: If he leads his team to a berth in a non-title BCS bowl game Sugar, Orange, Rose or Fiesta Petrino gets $75,000. If his team makes it to a "first-tier" non-BCS bowl game Capital One, Cotton or Chick-fil-A he gets $50,000. If his team appears in a "second-tier" bowl game, he gets $25,000. (Fun fact: Petrino's Arkansas contract, signed this week, describes the Atlanta bowl as the "Peach Bowl," its former name).

Richt: Makes $75,000 for leading UGA to a BCS bowl game, as he did this season (Sugar). A non-BCS bowl trip is worth an extra $25,000.


Petrino: If the Razorbacks win the national title, Petrino gets $200,000. If they make the game but lose, he picks up $100,000.

Richt: If the Bulldogs win the national title, Richt gets $175,000. There's no mention of going to the big game but coming up short.


Richt: A top-five finish in either the Associated Press or USA Today (coaches) polls is worth an extra $50,000 for Richt.

Petrino: There's nothing in Petrino's deal that makes mention of poll finishes.

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This article illustrates a sharp distinction between the 2 coaches as well...

Where someone like Petrino (either by himself or through his agent or both) "negotiated" such perks and incentives to give him the maximum amount of value he thinks his services are worth. Every singlle accomplishment he acheives results in some type of bonus. Not to mention that their is a fund set up just in case he decides to leave elsewhere in order to entice him to stay (which has all been reduced to writing)...

And here we have Coach Richt...in light of the monumental salary that Saban scored with Bama last year, Fulmer's and Tuberville's raises and entensions, we don't hear a peep from this man about how he isn't getting paid. He's getting paid 2 million a year, yet he donates much of his money, time, and energy to charitable activities and he's not out flirting with other vancant head-coaching positions just so that he can lobby for a raise at his current school. And when he says that he'll "be at Georgia as long as Georgia will have [him]," he means it.

A stark contrast.....and yes, Coach Richt does "deserve" a raise IMO. ;)

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after seeing all of that.....i would want to leave an NFL team for college. since this thread is in comparison with richt, it's been my observation that the dawg nation is very happy with richt, and i'm sure UGA will compensate if it becomes an issue.

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Just goes to prove that priorities are screwed up for some teams. Petrino, a known liar, gets nearly $3 million per year, simply because he broke his contract with Louisville, then broke his contract with the Falcons...****...I bet that in a year or 2, if it takes that long, when he breaks his contract with Arkansas to go coach LSU or Auburn, he'll get another pay raise, and go to $4 million per...:P

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