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Singletary's 'trusted' staff: Possible candidate for OC/QB coach is Jim Harbaugh


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Jim Harbaugh is a former teammate of Mike Singletary from their Chicago days and (in my opinion-- that's for you Cap) may be a possible candidate for a assistant coaching job with the Atlanta Falcons. Hue Jackson could very well stay, but it is obvious he is looking to 'get out of Dodge'. Recently, he interviewed for the Duke job and may have a 50/50 shot in competition with former UCLA coach Karl Dorrell.

Harbaugh is a player's coach and a teacher. I compare him to the assistant coach in Indy who tutored Peyton Manning, Tom Moore.

Harbaugh may have NFL head coaching dreams, but he is only 44 and this Falcon job could be a stepping stone down the road. However, I believe he would be a solid offensive coordinator and QB coach for the Falcons.

Harbaugh seems like an 'open minded' coach who doesn't see the dual threat QB as a impediment to an offense. It seems like he uses a player's attributes instead of restricting them to fit the Peyton Manning model. At San Diego he coached Josh Johnson who will likely be a mid or late round selection in this upcoming draft.

Harbaugh may have some influence in drafting him and Johnson is seen as someone who could have the same impact that a Tavaris Jackson has had with the Minnesota Vikings. Brad Childress who tutored McNabb in Philly 'took the chance' and it has started to pay off..

Singletary needs a staff who got coaching experience, but who is a player's coach and teacher.

Bye-bye. Bill Musgrave.

With the addition of Josh Johnson.. the potential 2008 training rotation 1. Lefty 2. Shock 3. Josh Johnson 4. Redman (pseudo QB coaching assistant)

The following is Harbaugh's resume:

Harbaugh's Coaching career

During his final eight seasons in the NFL (1994-2001), Harbaugh was an NCAA-certified unpaid assistant coach under his father, Jack, at Western Kentucky University. Serving as an offensive consultant, he scouted and recruited high school student-athletes throughout several states including Florida, Indiana and Illinois. He was involved in recruiting 17 players on WKU's 2002 Division I-AA National Championship team. His father was a football coach for 18 years, including 14 years as Head Coach at Western Kentucky.

Harbaugh was an assistant coach with the Oakland Raiders in 2002-2003. In 2002 he was an offensive assistant coach, and in 2003 he was the quarterbacks coach.

Prior to the 2004 season, Harbaugh was named head football coach at the University of San Diego. In his first year, he directed the Toreros to an overall mark of 7-4, including 5 straight wins to end the season. The following year, the team improved to 11-1 and won the 2005 Pioneer Football League Championship. In 2006, USD again went 11-1 winning their second consecutive Pioneer League title in the process.

On December 18, 2006, Harbaugh was named the head football coach at Stanford University, replacing Walt Harris. Harbaugh's father, Jack, was Stanford's defensive coordinator from 1980-1981, while Harbaugh attended Palo Alto High School, located directly across the street from Stanford Stadium.[1]

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grendel (12/14/2007)
Well, he did lead Stanford to a win over USC, so that's something... He'd be ok, I guess. I'd prefer someone with previous OC experience since our HC will have no (little) offensive input, but it could work out ok.

Singletary and Harbaugh would work well together as a coaching tandem. And they don't see the Falcons as a 're-building' situation, but a retooling/positive attitude adjustment..

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I'll take him as an Assistant Head Coach/Quarterback; but not at OC, I feel that if we bring in Singletary( who I like BTW) we need to bring in someone with either some NFL OC or HC experience at the offensive coordinator.

A few possibilities are Pete Mangurian of the Patriots, Ken Anderson of the Steelers and, Tony Sparano and Ray Sherman of the Cowboys.

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jidady (12/14/2007)
Get your facts straight. David Cutcliffe is the new head coach at Duke.

My facts are in order. Hue interviewed for the Duke job. I didn't say he was offered it.. And if Hue is interviewing at Duke, he is likely interviewing elsewhere.

In regards to Cuctliffe, it is not official. He hasn't formally accepted as of today... He may this weekend.

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