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Surprize, Surprize, Surprize...........................

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Late last night they said on ESPN that Paul Petrino is the new OC for the Razor Backs. Geeezzzzzzzzzz He must really suck as a coach to have to get all his coaching Gigs from big brother Bobby, or it could be that Big Brother Bobby Quitrino has tarnished the quitrino name so bad that Paul can't get a break somewhere. If I were Paul I would have kicked Bobby's A$$ for putting me in such an awkward situation. Paul had a great oppertunity to further his career and have good NFL coaching experience on his resume. But big brother Bobby F%^K% little Paul over nearly as bad as he did the rest of us. I almost feel bad for Paul.................................NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. F&^% Paul too.

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