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It's time to unite the fanbase


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If the experiences of this year doesn't unite this fanbase, I don't know what will. I live in Texas, but I am originally from ATL, Collipark to be exact - shout out to EP (Granpa), Union City (Aunt Lois), and the whole Southwest side - and I know firsthand about the laughingstock we were as a franchise up until the ninties. But enough about me...

Atl is a city divided, but one thing we have in common is the Falcs, and our general love for them. Some of us want a "mobile" QB (code word Black), some want a more "convential" QB (code word White). Some of us want McFadden, some want Long. Some want Cowher, some want Singletary.

We all want to cut out Petrino's heart.

Guys we're down right now, but we ain't out. Vick's gone. Petrino quit. But we are a proud franchise that reps a proud city from College Park to Marietta. It ain't a perfect city, and we have cultural, racial, and social divides, but for three hours on Sunday, we are together. We are all hurting right now and as human beings we all feel pain. So no matter how differently we feel about the direction of this franchise or the events that happened this year, let us as fans be united by our collective pain and support this team as never before.

ATL stand up.

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