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Something reeks and the constant theme has been

Itchy One

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A non football guy who happens to be a billionaire buys a team and installs a promising GM with some nice football cred.

A legendary coach is let go/quit during the season and a whipper-snapper brought in as the replacement.

Free agents are brought in with even more absurd $$ thrown at them. Free agents are a bust.

More absurdity with Vick's 2004 contract renegotiation--1 year early. Speed up $37 in guarantees just to lock him down. Handcuff the team for the future.

PR spin on how much of a leader Vick is, first in at practice and last out, studying like a mad man!!

Whipper Snapper fired and other big name FA dont even have Atlanta on their list; money isnt there anyhow and that darn Falcon filter is a bummer, too.

College coach is lured away from a lucrative contract that is barely 1 year old to come to Atlanta.

Personnel to new coaches gameplan are missing but will be here soon!

The studious and hard working QB is put in jail. FO had "no idea"!!

New coach quits before end of season. His newest boss claims promises were made to the coach by ATL but never panned out, hence the sudden departure.

Total time span: 4 years.

Sorry to say, BP is trash, but something else is going on with this organization. Something that brings out the losing, year after year. The one constant the last few years have been McKay and AB.

Something to think about.

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