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My Letter to the Arkansas AD

Guest Gritz

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Jeff Long

Athletic Director

Broyles Athletic Center

P.O. Box 7777

Fayetteville AR 72702

December 14, 2007

Mr Long:

I have to immediately thank and warn you at the same time. Allow me to explain. I thank you because as a life long Atlanta Falcons fan you did me and all of my fellow Falcon fans a tremendous favor by hiring Bobby Petrino as your new head football coach. There was no way this man of extremely questionable character and laughable commitment qualities was going to lead our franchise anywhere.

He looked our owner in the face Monday afternoon and told Mr. Blank to tell the national media that You have a coach. His actions belied the reality that he is an incorrigible liar. He didn t have the courage to address the players in person. He chose to slink out of town to your university in the cover of night like the coward that he is.

You have seen fit to make this man the head of your football program. You have seen something in this man that makes you think he will be a fine leader of impressionable young men. Quite frankly I believe that those things must actually mean less than nothing to you and your entire program as long as Petrino brings the wins you must imagine he will deliver.

Petrino will eventually win games for your Razorbacks. But when he eventually leaves for a better job, (and it could be in the middle of next season) you will feel like you need to fumigate your entire athletic department.

Good luck in what I m sure will be a tempestuous ride with Petrino. You will surely need it.


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direwolf (12/14/2007)
Well said.
Thanks Dire. He probably won't ever even get it. I'm sure a secretary will open it and toss it, but screw it, I did it for myself anyway....

Better days ahead. Enjoy losing to Vandy Arkansas.

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