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I believe Colt Brennon may actually be what we need.


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I was pretty tough on colt for playing in the WAC, and thought his stats were inflated. After further research, the kid has a cannon, great vision, great mobility, throws a very catchable ball, and has probably the best depth perception of any QB i've seen come out of college in recent years.

Not to mention, in his press conference to announce he was coming back for his senior year, he cried. Slightly. Making the statement that it was because of "those guys right there" (his teammates).

The falcons need heart right now. They need loyalty. In the offseason, he learned samoan, so he could better communicate with his linemen, and be able to relate with them even more. He also grew his hair, and had his teammates dreadlock his hair. So that he could bond even more with other teammates.

His dedication, heart, and talent, make him my hopeful QB for the future of the Falcons.

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Demetrius Dew (12/14/2007)
In many eyes Colt Brennen is not a 1st Rounder because of:

Brain Brohm

Matt Ryan

Andre Woodson

Chase Daniel

Everyone looks at Brennen as a 2nd or 3rd rounder which is prefect for us.

Chase Daniel is only a junior and I heard he's staying for his senior season. He's way too short anyway. If he would declare he probably wouldn't get picked till the 3rd or 4th round, if that. He is a great leader though. Yea, I think Brennan will go in the 2nd.

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I gotta salute you for actually taking the time to LOOK at a Hawaii game or two, or do some research before you criticize Brennan for playing in the WAC or in a Run n Shoot, like some other members of this board.

I've always wanted Colt to be our QB and it's because he has that "it." That winner's mentality and the look of a leader. It's hard to describe, but they talked about it when Trent Edwards became the starter in Buffalo. He has that look and that mindset. Vince Young has it, Brady has it, Edwards has it. Who doesn't? Eli Manning, for one.

Colt Brennan in '08.

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The thing Im starting to like about Brennan is the only knock on him is his size and competition.

No one questions his ability to play football.

With the stereotype of that system he runs you would think his arm strength and ability to throw the deep ball would be in question.

But from the few times I've seen him, he has shown sufficient enough arm strength.

As far as his size, he's at least got the height. The pounds can be added.

And obviously the most impressive aspect of his game is his quick release.

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