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If Bobby P is still at Arkansas in 2010

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chriss2 (12/13/2007)
I hope Falcon fans would have forgotten about him by 2010.

i will never forget that spineless coward. hopefully it won't be as painful because i'm hoping for success by then.

and on another note, i'm a georgia tech fan, but on that day in 2010 i will be a die-hard UGA fan and hope they pummel the ever loving s**t out of that worthless pantie-waste.

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Orange_Crush (12/13/2007)
That's also Knowshon's senior season. Good luck, Petrino, you #####. You're gonna need it.

Neither one will be in Athens that day.

Petrino will be gone from Arkansas by then, and Moreno will be in the NFL. He is too good not to go pro after his junior year.

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