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That right every jump on it with the falcons the blame band wagon!


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The main problem with this team is its long history of losers, who make poor choices, so this is what I Think the Falcons should do. Die! Get rid of the past! Start fresh and begin with a new image. An image of purity and righteousness. Change the name of the falcons and end this sad era in atlanta sports history! Here is my image of the perfect team. That is it a Whole team working together to win not a bunch of belly aching. who want to put the blame on someone else for losing. The last time I looked Bobby Petrino was not on the field playing in the game and losing. As much as these players want to put the blame on someone else; the more it points to that there is more wrong with this team than just one coach! No team can win any games if they do not support their coach. They are going to always fail because their efforts were always half hearted or incomplete. Yes, Pertrino may have not had the ability to gain the confidence of this team, but look at everything that was stacked against him. It was inevitable that all the blame for the falcons losing was going to be put on him. So, it was either leave now or get fired later. What choice

would you have made. Mora was loyal fired! Reaves was loyal fired! All these coaches were good coaches at one point in their careers! So, that proves one thing the real problem with this team is something other than the coaches. Its a combination of players, owners, mangers and history at fault. So, as I was saying earlier. Start over! How should blank do this! Well, next year he should change the whole team image into something incredible.

For Example, If I was blank I would tie the team to the Aquarium and have the team be a cross promotional advertisement of both. Image this " Come one come all Atlanteans to Atlantis(georgia Dome) to see your atlanteans play NFL football. The cheerleaders could dress up like mermaids. Zeus could come out on the field and blow a huge shell horn. Their could be whales and dolphins and sharks and etc... In various shows. Blank could have cirque De la do a show at the opening home game. It would be fun and entertaining, but must importantly a new beginning for a win team. Not what most people other than die hard fans consider the falcons like it is a four letter word!

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