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originally i thought it was clockwise, but after reading everyones replies i noticed that if you stare at the corner for a second, she will appear to rotate the other way and you can keep switching by not focusing.

who comes up with this stuff? lol

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Peyton (12/14/2007)
I watched her for like 2 minutes and never saw her do anything other than spin clockwise.

same here. I watched her now for some minutes, from different angles, watched all body parts... there is nothing that would make me remotely think she is turning counter clockwise

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This is cool. I love illusions. The frame is not switching, as some suggest. We can access both sides of our brains at different times (depends some on diet and experiences).

You can make her switch at will. There are two ways to do this.

Look away from the computer where you can barely see her in your peripheral vision. Keep imagining her turning the opposite way. Then, once she has completed a few rotations, look back straight ahead. If you are somewhat "even-brained" (for lack of a better word) she will stay in that direction. If not, then as soon as you look back, she will be spinning in the original direction.

This is an easier way to make her switch...If you scroll down to where you can only see the bottom foot, instead of looking at it going in a circle imagine it just going in a semi circle-left to right then right to left. Once you see it as a semi circle and not a full circle, pick a direction to follow then scroll to where you can only see her legs. Then, scroll to her whole body. As long as you pick a direction with the bottom foot, you can make her go in either direction. Heck, you can even make her feet go in opposite directions!!

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