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someone in the know about Petriono and his upbringing


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The truth about Petrino, great read from the SF 49ers board Reply


A buddy forwarded this to me, it explains a lot:

A poster from the San Fran 49ers board

"Knobs, while I agree that coaching college is a better deal, you should know some things about Petrino and his family before you start defending him.

Bobby was always "daddy's" star. His dad coached him through his college years at Carroll, where he had amazing stats (don't lose site of the fact that his father coached all three of his sons as qbs, and tailored the offense to fit them). Bobby was NEVER foced to apply for a job after college. His dad gave him the OC gig without a word to the Athletic board(while his brother Paul played qb), and then shopped him around for his first HC job. Bob Petrino was, and I emphasize WAS........ a legend in Montana. The Saints won several conference championships with poppy at the helm, but it wasn't until he left and they got a REAL coach that the Carroll College Saints started winning National Championships. Three in a row, and lost the fourth by 4 points.

Bobby and Paul were legends on campus, but not because of their accomplishments. We were force-fed the Petrino line for years, and Bobby's ego is a result of that. Everything Bobby got as a kid, he thought he deserved. Paul is twice as bad, and has an even worse temper. If you want to see someone throw a temper-tantrum when things don't go his way, just watch Paul.

I honestly thought Bobby had outgrown his spoiled childhood, but he obviously hasn't. It comes as absolutely NO suprise that he bailed out on Atlanta. He couldn't get the players to buy into his "my way or the highway" coaching style. Just watch..... in the next few weeks, some of the horror stories will emerge from the Altanta Falcon's organization. Bit by bit we will hear how he treated the players, how his POS brother Paul treated the players, and how Bobby treated the coaches that weren't a part of his "core".

On a side note, some may wonder why Paul isn't a head-coach somewhere at a College (after all, he was OC in Louisville and he was an assistant in the NFL). My answer to that question is simple. Background checks. The only way Paul gets a HC gig is if the place hiring doesn't do them.

Bobby was born and raised a spoiled brat, who had a legend (in his time) for a father, and was blessed with a moderate amount of skill to play the option offense for a small college in Montana. His attitude concerning players, teams and fans is in his DNA. He simply doesn't give a **** about anyone except himself and his family.

I don't think he gave two minutes thought about how his leaving would effect the Falcons, the organization or the fans. He simply isn't able to care.

So, please don't simply think that he left because he was frustrated with the way things were going. He left because he couldn't handle grown men with brains of their own. He couldn't handle losing. He couldn't handle the pressure of expectations. He took the Arkansas job because he knows it won't take a whole lot of work to win some games and look like a savior.

Bobby is an arrogant, self-centered ***** who cares as much about the Razorbacks as he does about the Niners.

How do I know this?? I was there when he coached at Carroll. I saw the kind of guy he was, the kind of guy his father is, and I saw what kind of a family they were when Paul couldn't stop getting into fights.

I saw how the entire family circled the wagons and pulled the strings to get Paul out of jail. I personally heard Paul, in a drunken rage during one fight yell "this is MY town you ****ing loser"

I saw how the family pressured the alumni to help out when Paul was up on felony assault charges.

This guy deserves NO praise, NO excuses, NO understanding, NO applause. He is simply showing his true colors, and as I said, the stories will start to emerge from the players and the coaching staff about what an unpleasent human-being this guy truely is.

Arkansas is in for a long ride.

In my humble opinion."

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