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Some specualtion about NFL draft pick order.........

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So, here a couple articles that show what the draft order would be if the season ended today:


and one assuming we lose our final three games and SF does too:


I'm going to assume for the sake of argument that we will lose to TB, AZ, and SEA, and it also seems very likely that SF will lose to CIN, TB, and CLE, although I could see them possibly beating CIN at home this Saturday.

So, if we both do lose our remaining games, the draft order will almost certainly be:

1. Miami

2. New England

3. Atlanta

Like most NFL fans (except Patriot fans), the thought of NE drafting McFadden is very depressing, although I could see the Dolphins taking him. I can not imagine the Patriots passing up McFadden if he is available. They don't need an OL, and I guess I could see them drafting Dorsey given that there defense isn't as good as it once was, but adding McFadden to that team seems like a no-brainer if he is available.

Anyway, if we picked third, I'm guessing we would take Jake Long, take a shot at a QB, or we could trade down and try to get some more picks and a QB later in the draft.

I know I will be rooting for SF this Saturday when they play Cincinatti, and I'm not saying I'll be rooting against us in our final games, but it would be nice to move up to #2 and possibly get McFadden, Long or Dorsey or to trade a #2 pick for a bunch of picks...........

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capologist (12/13/2007)
I don't see NE taking McFadden. I could easily see them trading with someone that does want McFadden though. Best bet is for SF to go ahead and take Cincy down. That happens and I think we'll be #2...

Yeah, I don't see them taking McFadden either. Maroney is only 22, and has been productive when given the ball. Also, they have Moss and Asante Samuel that they will try and lock up long-term. Samuel may not be back with them, but they will most certainly lock up Moss. If they somehow keep both, they won't have enough cap room for a top 2-3 pick. And, they are in need of youth at the LB position, so I could see them doing whatever it takes to trade down, and get a guy like Laurinaitis.

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"Dont we want a bigger POWER running back?"

I do!!....but, I would be happy with Long, or I would be happy if we traded down for some more pics.....We really need OL, QB, S, LB, WR's.....................Maybe we could drop down and get Dixon or Brennan or even Brohm and get some depth at those other positions too..........

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If there's one thing that I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want to see happen on draft day, it's us taking McFadden. That would be the last straw to what I've seen as the worst season in Falcons history. If we want McFadden so badly, why not just give Norwood the ball 20 times a game? All Darren McFadden is is an over rated not-even-as-good-as-Reggie Bush-at-running-between-the-tackles type player who does nothing but take advantage of a ridiculously good run-blocking offensive line. I'm so sick of his hype it's not even funny, and I was around for the Bush and VY hype. If there's one thing I can guarantee, it's that if McFadden goes to Miami, he'll be 3rd string behind Brown and Williams, and potentially even 4th string behind Chatman. Why? Because their offensive line sucks, and McFadden is only as good as the offensive line blocking for him.

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