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Welcome to the Jungle!

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Conn. Teacher Calls Police Over Impromptu Karaoke

Teacher Barricades Herself Inside Classroom After Hearing 'Welcome To The Jungle'


A school custodian's impromptu after-hours karaoke performance prompted a police response when a teacher thought she was being threatened over the loudspeaker.

State police say a teacher at Booth Free School barricaded herself inside a classroom Wednesday when she mistook someone singing a Guns N' Roses song over the public address system for a threat.

She was working after hours and thought no one else was in the building. Then she heard someone say over the loudspeaker that she was going to die.

Six troopers and three police dogs showed up and found three teenagers, one of them a custodian at the school, who had been playing with the public address system.

Police say one of them sang "Welcome to the Jungle" into the microphone. The song contains the lyrics "You're in the jungle baby; you're gonna die."

The teenagers were cuffed on the ground for about 15 minutes while police investigated. They were released after being questioned and state police Sgt. Brian Ness said they did not realize the teacher was in the school and will not face charges.

"These things happen," Van Ness said. "Luckily it was humorous. You kind of have a gut feeling. As soon as we got there, we spoke to the three kids. They understood."

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She's a moron. Who hasn't heard that song before?

It isn't a question of if she's heard the song before. Even if she has heard it before, imagine how scared she might become IF she thinks whomever is singing the song knows she is there and is taunting her before they come to get her.

Still, this was a funny story. I didn't see it when originally posted, so I'm kind of glad someone bumped it back up to the front page.

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